Aug 8, 2012

The Gravl-B-Gone 2000

Randy continues to sift away 52 years of layered gravel from the property.  This gravel is roughly 12-14 inches deep and mixed with desert sand.   As the sand is sifted out from the gravel, the gravel is placed in large piles near the curb.  Then it is posted on Craigslist "for free" and the gravel pile disappears within 24-48 hours.  The process is repeated many times (ongoing since February).

Until today though all this sifting was done manually using a sifter and table that was built by Randy.

Starting today, the sifting process has been improved using a new sifter...  the self-named, self-designed, and self-built "Gravl-B-Gone 2000".  Thanks to the generous ingenuity and mechanics of our friend, Dominck, the new sifter has a vibrator motor that speeds the process and reduces fatigue.  It's still a lot of work, but made easier.

There has to be an after-market for this product once our project is complete.

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