Jun 6, 2012

Southern California Edison

The electrical panel and meter will be relocated to the side of the house.  Previously it was located on the rear of the house where the new addition has now been installed.  The service panel is also being upgraded from 100A to 200A.

All of this requires coordination with Southern California Edison.

Step 1: Call SoCal Edison so they can "plan", "design", and "approve" the new run. [COMPLETED]

Step 2: Dig a ditch from the location of the new service panel to the telephone pole, and have an electrician install 3" diameter conduit.  [COMPLETED]

Step 3: Get the conduit inspected by SoCal Edison and then backfill the ditch [COMPLETED]

Step 4: Wait [drywall must be installed and all new outlets and switches installed and inspected by The City]

So for now we have an old 100A panel and meter in the middle of our new addition.

Original 100A panel and meter (now in the center of the new master bedroom addition)

A  section of 3" conduit was laid in place prior to the concrete slab being poured.  This feeds into the back of the new panel from the inside of the wall.

trench with new 3" conduit is 3 feet below grade

The 3" conduit goes under the SoCal Edison service box at the base of the telephone pole

That's our "little" conduit poking thru the bottom of the Edison's service box

A large metal tank was found in the back yard, believed to be the overflow tank for back-washing the pool filter
The new 200A panel and meter are on the side of the house

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