Jan 1, 2013

Shade Screen installed

Back in 2011 (prior to our purchase of the house) we created several mock-up drawings to help vision how we might improve the front facade and maximize the mid century modern look we desired.  Recently a key element of this plan was completed...  a decorative wood screen was added that provides additional privacy for the front bedroom, provides additional sun protection, and adds depth to the house.  The design was created using patterns from other 1950s screens we saw on MCM homes in Palm Springs.



AFTER (JAN 2013)

The process was fun, and is highlighted below....

A small block wall supports the structure
A frame is built

We used a combination of 2x6s and 4x4s
Our carpenter used liquid nails to add extra hold


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  1. What kind of tile did you use to build the yellow base for the screen?