Oct 4, 2012

Pool water replaced

According to the Desert Water Agency (DWA) about 95 percent of Palm Springs' clean water is pumped from deep wells located throughout the service area.  For longevity this groundwater is replenished with water from the Colorado River Aqueduct from two connections that fill recharge basins, located at Whitewater and Mission Creek.  The agency also gets water from mountain streams including Chino Creek, Snow Creek and Falls Creek. 

Needless to say the water is rich with minerals.  

In Palm Springs pool water evaporates quickly.  It's the desert!  When it evaporates it leaves behind these minerals in greater quantities each time water is added to the pool.  Local pool companies recommend you have the water fully replaced every two years, or when the particle levels increase about 2,500.  We recently tested our pool and the particles were 2,900.

The pool was drained completely on Wednesday, and replenishment starting on Thursday...

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