Aug 5, 2012

Guest Suite

We were going to wait to remodel of the front bath in the guest suite, because it was workable and clean (albeit not pretty).  But after seeing the other bathrooms remodeled (and seeing the dust and debris associated with the work) we decided to add this remaining bathroom to the project.

To save a little money, we once again did the demolition ourselves.... 

Keith accidentally dropped the old toilet exiting the house

Original Bathtub with 1990s remodel tile

The tub is being replaced with a 3x5 shower for our guests

To keep plumbing costs to a minimum the new toilet and vanity will be installed in the original location

The wall between the kitchen and guest suite has 6" of foam insulation to inhibit sound
The new Milgard window was installed with all the other new windows
The old cast-iron bathtub drain (pictured) has now been replaced with a shower drain installed in the center using ABS plumbing.

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