Aug 10, 2012

We have A/C! (it's 115F outside)


It's going to take a while for the 115F degree cabinets, walls, concrete slab, et al to cool off!!! But we have the AC cranked and it's already cooled the house to 85F within 3 hours.

There are two systems within the house:

The main system (purchased with the house) is a 4-Ton system.  It was in good condition, so we reused it.  We had the condenser relocated to the rear of the property, and we had the blower/furnace rotated to be accessible in the new HVAC closet.  This system cools the original footprint of the house.
The 4-Ton condenser was located on the rear of the house (older picture), and the furnace was accessed via the outside closet (in picture with doors removed).
The 4-Ton condenser now resides by the pool equipment in the rear of the yard.  It will eventually be disguised by a 4ft wall.
The furnace has now been cleaned and serviced, and flipped to face "inside" the new HVAC closet, which opens inside the hallway.

The new supplemental system is a 1.5-Ton Samsung "Smart Inverter" mini concealed split heat pump.  This system cools the house addition (new master bedroom, closet, and mater bath), and provides heat in the winter.  

The outdoor heat pump (condenser) is only 12" wide.

Hidden in the master closet attic (older picture), the Samsung system has two vents which supply air to the Master Bedroom (left) and Master Bathroom (right)

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