Aug 3, 2012

Drywall is hung!

We are weeks behind on our postings due to the increased activity level of construction.

A few weeks ago the drywall was hung (took about 3 days), mudded/tapped (another 2 days), and sanded/prepped (final 2 days).  It turned out really great, especially given the temperatures soared to 117F.  But the drywall guys pushed through it.

Coming from the Midwest, where everyone has smooth walls, it was weird to us that contractors and sub-contractors kept asking us what type of finish we wanted...  Knockdown?  Sand or Brush Swirl?  Skip Trowel?  Orange Peel?  Slapbrush?  Comb Texture?  People please... this is a Mid Century Modern Home!  We want flat walls!




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