Aug 5, 2012

Cabinets being installed...

Over the last week all of the kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets have been installed.  While there are still some finishing touches required (upper sliding doors and some shelves) we wanted to give you a sneak peak!


  1. Your kitchen has a lot of storage. Just make sure that it will not all eat up the space of the kitchen. Give enough space for the walkway. Are you keeping the walls white or do you plan painting them with other colors? If yes, give cream a try since it matches accordingly with the color of the cabinets. ->Elements Home Remodeling

  2. Smart choice on the color of the cabinets! It matches nicely with the white wall. I’ve seen the final touches in your kitchen, and it looks superb with the white countertop on. What’s great in your kitchen is that you have lots of cabinets for your kitchen items. This is good if you love to cook a lot. @ Up and Above Contractors