Jul 6, 2012

Spray Foam Insulation

Last week, June 25 and 26, we had the inside of all the exterior walls sprayed with open-cell air-tight (and bug-tight) foam insulation (as seen in virtually every episode of Holmes on Homes/HGTV).  We also had all interior walls encompassing bedrooms flashed with 2-3" with spray foam for noise protection.  It was a great experience and we will most likely never use batt & roll fiberglass insulation again.

No one is allowed in the house during the installation (and for 24 hours later)

The foam creates an air tight seal

Extra foam is shaved off the walls and returned to the facility for recycling

In the soffit areas we had them spray 8" of foam on the underside of the tongue and groove ceilings

Kitchen in progress

Interior wall separating Master Bedroom and Office Bedroom

Guest Bedroom in the front of the house

Interior wall separating the Guest Bedroom and the Living Room

Off to be recycled

In addition to the soffit ceiling (at top), we also had them spray 6-8" of foam around all HVAC ducts (at bottom)

New Master Bedroom (West facing wall)

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