Jun 10, 2012

Good Walls make Good Neighbors

Most yards in Palm Springs have privacy walls which turn the property into an oasis for your gardens and pools. These walls are often be made of wood, brick, stucco, or metal.  The City has allowances for height and location based upon property line and location of your lot (center lot or a corner lot). 

We inherited a bland cinder-block wall on the south side of our yard which wasn't tall enough (only 4.5 ft), it didn't extend to the rear property line, and had an usual wing wall.  Real estate shoppers next door would peek over the wall, or just come around, while we were in the pool.

While the block style is not our ideal brick style, we are making it work with some tweaking....  a little paint (maybe stucco) and some great landscaping.

But first, we needed to modify the wall for maximum benefit...

This week we hired a mason to increase the wall height to the 6' maximum allowance, remove the wing wall, and extend the wall to our rear property line.

Next:  paint and landscape

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