Jun 15, 2012

New Roof Installed

The new roof is now installed.  We upgraded from the traditional desert roof of "tar & gravel", to a more energy efficient spray foam roof.  The new roof will support our overall California Building Code Requirements (Title 24 Energy Compliance), and it will help to keep the house cooler and the bills lower.

The installation process included:
1) removal of as much loose gravel as possible (they left the tar as an added layer of protection)
2) Installation of new edge metal trim with 2" rise to hold back the foam
3) Preparation of the new and old sections of the roof with a primer
4) Spray polyurethane "closed cell" (hard) foam at a 2" thickness (+/- 1/4")
5) Install 2 coats of Pro-Tech EC High Performance 100% acrylic elastomeric coating
6) Coordinate photo shoot with The Desert Sun :-)

New Addition

Existing house (right) and Carport (left).  The Carport and Casita will remain tar & gravel.

New Addition (left) and Original Home (right)

Small roof repair (we did) in the car port area

Primer sprayed

2" rise on the metal trim to hold back the foam

Day 1 of spray foam

Day 2 of spray foam

100% acrylic elastomeric coating

100% acrylic elastomeric coating

The Desert Sun Photographer

Day 3 - final 100% acrylic elastomeric coating in WHITE

Day 3 - final 100% acrylic elastomeric coating in WHITE

Day 3 - final 100% acrylic elastomeric coating in WHITE

Day 3 - final 100% acrylic elastomeric coating in WHITE


  1. Upgrading the old roof into a spray foam roof is definitely a very good idea. Aside from being energy efficient, this type of roof is also leak-free, which seals over your entire roof deck. It has also a self flashing capacity, so you won’t need an extra sheet of metal for the flashing. And the best thing I like about this roof is that it is more weather resistant than any other types of roofing materials.

    [Rodney Orton]

  2. That definitely seemed like a challenging project. The good thing about a spray foam roof is that it’s usually leak free. It’s also very weather resistant, and it provides high insulation value. However, the installation of the protective coating should be precise to achieve the maximum benefits of the roof. Well, for what it’s worth, your new roof looks perfect now!

    *Allyson Duguay

  3. We’re also planning to install an energy efficient spray foam roof. The house was quite big, so I think it’ll take my trusted roofers a full month to fully install everything. I’m sure they can finish it in time. I’m excited to have an energy efficient home and experience lower bills! =D ->Cody Charlebois