Feb 5, 2012

And it begins...

Flashback to July... we make our first visit to the house we would eventually call home.

It was a five minute visit because it smelled so bad, and the owners were creepy (they refused to leave for any showing or open house).  So our search for something better continued.  We quickly forgot about this little house.

Our energies became focused on short-sale opportunities; many of which were cuter, cleaner, and without occupants.  Months past and one by one these short sales opportunities ended in disappointment.  It seems that banks prefer to lose greater amounts of monies in quick foreclosures to their existing relationships with flippers.

So our interest circled back to this house because the lot is large, the views are great, the street is quiet, and the house offered great opportunity.   Then came a call from our realtor, Bryan Schopp with Windermere, that the price had dropped again!  We made an offer and the story of our rehab begins.

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