Dec 7, 2013


We added a calming water feature to the backyard, in the form of a fountain.  

Keith picked out the design based on his obsession with The Parker Hotel and their fireplace in their main lobby - right down to the exact size and scale.  We simply swapped out water for fire.

The Parker Hotel (fireplace)

Going Solar! (July 2013)

With our Edison electric bills soaring between $400-$500 during the Spring and Fall (Edison provides more electric at lower rates in the Summer), we decided to go SOLAR!  Palm Springs has 350 days of sunshine a year - so it only made sense.  We selected Solar City, the largest provider of Solar systems in the USA!  It was a fun project, and Solar City did a great job.

Our rental with Solar City is roughly $150/month, and fingers-crossed, it should cover 90-95% of our annual usage, with only 5-10% purchased from Edison.

Diamond Block Wall (May 2013)

We bumped out the wall by the pool 10 feet to increase the size of the back yard, as well as to create an opening for gate access to the pool.  We choose a vintage diamond pattern.  It adds a decorative element to the facade of the house.

Before (basic block wall with hedge in front of it)

demo, and new footing

Backside.  Increased yard by 10'.

Front side

Painted to match trim of house, and to highlight the diamond pattern.

Gate access to backyard (gate still needs frosted glass installed)